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latest research in employer branding   


Searching for the hottest takes on employer branding?

Need quick hacks for employer branding techniques?

Looking for the most creative content on employer branding initiatives, EVP, people comms & design?

Say no more... our employer branding e-books offer you:: 

  1. MOST COMPREHENSIVE employer branding strategy model to deliver ROI   

  2. INTERESTING employer branding templates and examples

  3. INFORMATIVE employer branding playbooks

  4. ULTIMATE employer branding checklists, social media guides

  5. LATEST employer branding toolkits, research papers, techniques

  6. MOST POPULAR employer brand metrics, ROI, impact, goals

  7. BEST employer branding ideas, case studies

  8. TOP employers and their award-winning employer branding campaigns

  9. BEST PRACTICES in social media management and LinkedIn employer branding


The Phoenix Model 

for Employer Branding Impact 


The Most Modern Self-help Guide on Employer Branding in Check-list Format  


A to X of Phoenix TalentX Services


Most Popular Employer Branding Stats & Metrics - ROI Checklist

for more employer branding examples

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